Customizable Solution for Subsidiaries
Sales & Production Management System


Customizable Sales & Production Management Solution THOMAS GLOBE
Multiple implementations in ASEAN region - India, Thailand, China etc
​Step by step deployment & Customizable to local requirements


THOMAS GLOBE is designed to support overseas expansion of Japanese enterprises.

  • Customers expanding to India, Thailand and other ASEAN countries
  • Overseas subsidiaries who wish to "visualize", "imporve efficieny" and "strengthen control" of Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory and Cost control operations
  • Customers looking for "easy to understand" and "easy to use" systems

From Sales Management to advanced modules like MRP
Phase wise implementation according to customers scale and business needs

Integration with Accounts/ERP

Inventory Management with Barcode

Operation with Mobile devices

EDI for Suppliers

Data Analysis/BI

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