Our History

November, 1996 Establishment of Acty System Co. Ltd.(Capital : 30 million Japanese Yen)
December, 1996 Commencement of corporate provider business (Acty Net)
November, 1997 Establishment of Nagoya Branch Office
December, 1997 Capital increased to 60 million Japanese Yen
October, 1998 Commencement of business collaboration with Indian IT firm
November, 1998 Capital increased to 80 Million Yen
April, 2003 Establishment of "UNIACTY SOFTWARE PVT LTD" in India (Mumbai)
May, 2003 Establishment of "Beijing Acty Technology Co. Ltd." in China (Beijing)
May, 2005 Shifted Head Office to newly constructed premises
November, 2008 Indian entity’s name changed to "ACTY SYSTEM INDIA PVT LTD"
January, 2009 Establishment of "BETTER LIFE ACTY CO. LTD." in Myanmar (Yangon)
September, 2012 Establishment of "ACTY SYSTEM (THAILAND) CO. LTD." in Thailand (Bangkok)
April, 2013 Myanmar entity's name changed to "ACTY SYSTEM MYANMAR CO. LTD."in Myanmar (Yangon)
June, 2013 Opening of Kansai Office
April, 2015 Opening of Ahmedabad Branch Office In India
February, 2017 Opening of Tokyo Branch Office