Solution Development Division(Prev ES Division)

Solution Development Division(previously Engineering System Division) helps clients in all areas of product development. We start with proposals, design and aid till maintanence.

  • Developing Software Products
  • Software to increase efficiency in Product Development
  • Aid in Prototype to Production with proposal, design & development

Skill Map

Development Languages/Database
C#(.Net), C++(.Net/MFC), VB(.Net), Java, Objective-C, C Language, Ruby(Ruby on Rails), JavaScript, PHP, ASP, VBA

Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Embedded, MacOS, Linux(CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.)

Development Cases

Tablet/Smartphone Development
Multifunction Machine Peripherals Software (iPhone/iPad)
Multifunction Machine Peripherals Software (Android)

Multifunctional Devices

Multifunction Remote Diagnosis
Multifunction Authentication
Ubiquitous Print System
Google Apps Link System
Multifunction Machine Operation Log Application
Multifunction Remote Panel
Multifunction Panel Design App
Optical & Medical Applications
Wafer Analysis Software
Fluorine Lifespan Measurement
Particle Analysis
Digital Camera Measurement
Electron Microscope - Image Analysis
Tissue Surface Haemoglobin - Measurement System
Brain Oxygen Level Monitoring
Chromosome Analysis Software
WEB Development
WEB Live Camera System
Multifunction Machine Remote Operation System
Print Settings Preview Systems

Building Mgmt, Acoustics & Others
Building Control Systems
Energy Consumption Visualization
Alarm Surveillance Application
Marine Ecosystem Investigation
Embedded Systems

MFP Loading Software
Automotive Battery Monitoring

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