System Integration Division

System Integration Division helps clients in automization/system development of their business operations. We offer the below services.

  • Business Analysis, Consulting, Software Development, Installation, Maintanence, User support for various Industries.
  • Planning, development and marketing of general purpose package software
  • Migration of COBOL Systems
  • Deployment & Development of Cloud & WEB Systems

Skill Map

Development Languages/Database
PowerBuilder, C++(.Net), C#(.Net), VB(.Net), ASP, intra-mart, Java, PHP, COBOL, VisualBasic, MS-Access, etc.

Oracle, MS-SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-Access

Windows, Unix

Development Cases

We have installed our systems in over 100 locations:
- Domestic (Okinawa to Hokkaido)
- Overseas locations (China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, etc.)

Manufacturing Industry
Production Control
Manufacturing Process Mgmt
Image Management
Order & Shipping Management
Sales Management
Prototype Configuration
Handy (Batch/Wireless) Equipment Management
RFID Management
Migration Services
Wholesale/Retail Industry
Estimation Support
Sales Management
Progress Management

WEB Systems
Product Management System using bar code reader
Tracking System using bar code reader
Attendance Management System
Support Center Information Mgmt Administration Mgmt System
Travel Reimbursement System
E-Commerce System

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