Concept & Structure

Develop web based Java applications from your legacy system without any loss in functionality and making maintanence easier.

Migration Process

Legacy Systems created in the past

  • As resources (people & infrastructure) become scarce, it becomes more difficult to support such systems.
  • Maintaining Obsolete Technologies is extremely difficult
Transition to Modern Systems by carrying out a “smooth” transition to “state-of-the-art” technology and significantly “lowering operating costs”.

Additionally, contains all the advantages of web & cloud technologies.

Liberates the client from maintenance tasks

  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a browser
  • No creation of complex programs & settings

Does not require machine server (DB/AP)

  • Initial infrastructure cost reduction
  • Operating & maintaining cost reduced
  • Disaster recovery solution included

New business opportunities

  • New service possibilities using internal & external information sharing

Prior Assessment Service

We provide Analysis in order to understand the gaps and complexity involved in migration, after which the client may select the desired functions and characteristics from a target system

  • Functionalities to be selected for evaluation with the Client.
  • If necessary Acty would study parameters such as specific equipments, report sizes, UI layout and the existing processes to analyze the differences and accordingly suggest the best solution.
  • We will migrate the functionalities selected for evaluation.
  • We will confirm the migrated functionality with the Client.
Information Request/Inquiry

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