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Going Global From Hamamatsu


Overview of Oppurtunities

Mid-career Recruitment
Application Specialist(Solution Development Division)
Control & Embedded System Engineer(Solution Deveopment Division)
Open Tech System Engineer(System Integration Division)

Job Description.

Connecting to the world from Hamamatsu Development of Control Systems and Business Applications
We aim to render Multi-Purpose Devices and Measuring Instruments more effective and easy to use. We work in areas such as Control Systems for Manufacturing and Production units to ensure smooth operations in factories. We offer such end-to-end services right from prototype building to development, installation, support and maintenance to corporations across the globe. We have separate divisions for Control Systems and Business Applications.
This enables employees to learn further and grow in their respective fields of expertise. The job would offer opportunities for short as well as long term deployment in India and China. This would enable our Programmers and System Engineers to gain Global experience and broaden their perspectives.

Who should apply.

We are seeking candidates who are open to new challenges and who have a high level of personal integrity and confidence
We seek employees who are not just good programmers, but who also have the drive to go a step further to fulfill client needs and exceed expectations. In addition to good communication skills, we welcome mature and lively individuals who would contribute towards a more vibrant work environment. We believe that such employees would be able to empathize with the virtues of“ACTYism”. We also expect employees to adhere to the guidelines and policies
of the organization. We expect each and every employee to display a sense of responsibility, individuality and spirit.

Skills & Expertise Required.

We welcome applicants who have a positive attitude and want to play an active part in our domestic as well as international operations.
We seek expertise in Embedded System Development and Control Systems. Additionally, the candidate must be well versed with Programming Techniques and possess the ability to correspond quickly and efficiently in order to meet deadlines. For Business Applications and Production Systems, the candidate must be able to incorporate the values of Kaizen into System proposal, design and development. The candidate should have a good understanding
of such systems, be able to clearly understand client requirements and interact effectively with clients. In either case, after starting as a programmer, there are possibilities to step up and become leaders, group leaders, etc. The ability to gain a global perspective would be important in this regard.

Employment Process

1)Through website Please enter your profile through the form by agreeing to our policy.
Handling of Personal information
Contact : Privacy Office
2)Document Screening After verifying your background to date, career achievements and other information, the candidate will be contacted.
3)Aptitude Test There will be an online aptitude test conducted.
4)Preliminary Interview A personal interview will be conducted by President Yamashita and the concerned Group Leader.
Candidates should be clear about their skills, goals, interests, future plans, etc. as a decision could be made after this stage.
5)Second Interview Once again, a personal interview will be conducted by President Yamashita and the concerned Group Leader.
This could be to confirm details and a final check on important pointers, after which a decision would be made.
6)Tentative Decision After the second interview, we would notify the candidate in a speedy manner on the decision.