Fast, Scalable & Efficient
Development Framework


Research, Analysis, Proposal

This is a platform that enables clients realize the "Research, Analysis, Proposal" phases as well as conduct development by making the most of the "Fast", "Easy to use", "Cost Effective" and "High Quality" Framework. This has been created to ensure maximum satisfaction amongst our clients.

1) Increase in Development Efficiency by integrating business functions
2) Emphasis on a strong design to optimize overall operations
3) Communicate with clients to realize maximum output

The Development Process

Implementing Japanese Quality and also fulfilling International Standards
We have built a perfect synergy between the Japanese quality standards and the skills of our Global team to provide Zero-Defect solutions. This framework has been built steadily over the years by advanced technology and virtue of the skills of our Indian and Chinese teams. Aspects such as code review, pair programming, gate check-in, refactoring and test automation have been looked into carefully to provide high-quality software.
QCD Security according to the Framework
Using the solutions would enable clients experience high quality, delivery of high standards, and cost benefits. Acty manages the code generators and maintains them in-house and also realizing the automated generation and maintenance of data entity, structure and UI Components. This would enable us to continue achieving a high quality of output to our clients.
Acceptance of Specification Change
By adopting the Agile Scrum Technology, frequent release is possible. Clients can check status immediately and make changes as per requirement.

Versions of TeLAS Framework

Smart Client(
With 'Click Once' that does not require distribution of applications Response that does not depend on PC specifications HTTP Protocol that provides secure environment Multi-Language Support
WEB Version(JAVA)
Browse based, distribution of applications is not required Application Development based on MVC model Easy to implement in an internet environment Multi-Language Support
WPF/Client Server(
Expressive WPF User Interface Improve productivity dramatically by using code generator Conforms to all security and International valuation standards Multi-Language Support
Client Server(Powerbuilder)
'High Quality’, Cost Effective and ‘Time efficient’ development with a track record of over 10 years Development is highly flexible and customizable to client needs Multi-Language Support