Sales & Production Management System
for Overseas enterprises


Sales Management Systems

From the introduction of just Sales Management Systems, other modules and advanced MRP Solutions can be added Option to use and customize the Solution according to specific business needs
Depending on specific business needs, TOHMAS GLOBE would use different menus accordingly.With the introduction of just Sales Management System initially, additional advanced MRP Solutions and modules can be added along with the expansion of business.Our approach and solutions are extremely flexible depending on the existing business challenges.

Functionality & Easy Operation

Equipped with all the standard functionality necessary in Sales Management System Extremely easy to operate at the user level
THOMAS GLOBE has been developed keeping in mind the needs of the Small & Medium sized Enterprises.All standard functionalities of a Sales Management System has been built and is capable of Centralized Data Management.

Customer Support

Efficient Customer Support with full-time staff Established International Support System & Correspondence
We offer continuous Customer Support through our dedicated International Support teams in various locations post installation of ACTY Solutions. Additionally, we have set up a structure to offer support to clients in Japan, Thailand, the English speaking world and the Chinese speaking world.