Project Management Tool


Project Management Tool

Easy to understand & easy to use advanced Project Management Too. Complicated project management can be handled well with THOMAS PROJECT.

Ideal for these Customers

  • Using Gantt Chart or other models in MS Excel
  • Cannot grasp related/conflicting schedules & progress
  • Takes time and effort to recrete schedules when plans change
  • File management is difficult
  • Considering purchase of Project Management tool
  • Standardize and improve efficiency of project work
  • Accurately track work status of staff
  • Apply company policies effectively
  • Have used Project Management tool before
  • Other Project Management tools are difficult to use
  • Was not happy/convinced with using a simple management tool
  • Stopped using other tool because support was bad

Easy to understand, Easy to use

Manage various functionalities with easy user interface


  • Display period can be from 1 day to more than 2 years
  • Colored display for Holidays based on calendar setting
  • Zoom In/Out for cells/rows
  • Screen seperators
  • Multiple projects can be displayed side by side

Cost Effective System Requirement

Tool can be used immediately upon setting the storate location and database connection as it is configuration friendly.

Progress Management

  • Input actual results
  • Progress status is displayed at bottom of chart
  • Register deliverables(files)
  • Register man-hour efforts
  • Register amount
  • Display of Taskline

Display by Staff

  • Display with staff as criteria
  • Department wise display
  • Display format can be switched for each task