Highly Scalable Production Management System



Highly flexible package with various in-built standard functions
Our aim is to create & implement "easy to understand", "high quality", "cost effective" software "quickly". We undertake business analysis and propose the best fit solution for your processes. THOMAS Series solution provides high satisfaction to our customers in turn resulting in long term relationships.

THOMAS SHAPE - Major functionalities

THOMAS SHAPE is designed to be simple, easy to use and quickly deployable. Out in-house development framework supports high quality modular development in optimal costs.

Framework that enables high speed development

TeLAS Framework, developed in-house, aids high level of customization. In addition, with highly scalable table design flexible Add-on customizations are possible. We have built "Japanese" way of continuous improvement in to the system.

Taking Japanese process control global

Overseas branches requires production management, as volumes and product ranges increases. We support the challenges of systemization of production management overseas. Supported Languages - Japanese, English, Thai, Hindi, Burmese

Rich UI with Smart Client technology

Smart clients enable richer, higher functionality and operability compared to browser based UI. Application distribution and version management is done with ClickOnce which makes the process effortless.

Reliable Traceablitiy

ensures quick response to customer requests. Instantly enable traceability from materiReliable Traceablitiy Automated traceability al receiving, manufacturing, outsourcing to goods shipment.

Advanced Search Functionality

Advanced Search Functionality All data is tagged by default and enables deep search to all items registered in the system. Locale(hiragana, katagana) related, multiple condition criteria searches are supported by default.

Supports overseas transcations

Supports overseas transcations Invoice, packing list, credit management functionalities are supported. Also supports multi-currency operations.

Cloud, multi database support

On-premise and cloud(Oracle, AWS) implementations are supported. In addition to providing safe, secure and mature data base support like Oracle, we also support up-coming new enterprise databases like EDB Postgres(PostgresSQL)

Optional Functionalities

Scalable enterprise grade system with expands with customer’s business growth and also enables modular addition after implementation and integration with other existing systems.


Simple and error-less data collection using Barcodes To ensure correct and real-time data collection, Handy terminal devices can be used

mobile devices

Going paperless with mobile devices Using Windows Apps, real-time and correct data can be gathered on-site

BI Tool(QlikView)

With real-time integration with THOMAS SHAPE, Sales(Forecast, Status, Results) and Production(Performance, Cost) data can be analysed for effective intelligence and decision making

Planning Tool(Gantt Chart)

Easy to use planning tool Simple to use, easy to understand scheduling, real-time load balancing and integration with production planning system enable changes to reflect immediately.